Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bigger news: iPhone 4S or Facebook app?

Both have been anticipated for a long time. But judging from initial reports, the new iPhone is a letdown. Why? Probably because the iPhone 4S doesn't make you breakfast or wax your car. Still, initial sales show people still want it. Pre-orders of the device sold out. I will wait for the iPhone 5.

I anticipated the release of a Facebook app for the iPad more. And, I like it. It retains the feel of a social media tool I've used for the past few years. It is clean and feels "natural." I also appreciate the nods contained within to other social media tools, such as Foursquare. More exploring must be done though. Yet my initial reaction was, "It's about time." Can't say I've been pleased with having to access Facebook through apps such as Hootsuite or MyPad+. But those apps also have some positives, such as built-in Twitter. Wondering whether I will drop them though. My vote would go to MyPad+. It's clunky and cluttered. What do you think?

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